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PNP Confirms Death of Basit Usman

The PNP Crime Laboratory confirms the death of wanted terrorist Abdul Basit Usman through DNA test results.

According to PCSUPT THERESA ANN CID of the PNP Crime Laboratory, the maternal relationship between the DNA profile of skin tissue specimen from Usman’s body with the DNA profile of his mother is 99.9%. Another DNA match was also established between Usman and his nephew.

The PNP Crime Laboratory earlier collected saliva samples thru buccal swab from Singkorya Dagkog Usman, mother of Basit, and his nephew Hairudin Balt Usman for DNA profiling. Meanwhile, the skin tissue specimen of Usman was submitted to CIDG by a member of the MILF 106th Brigade last May 8 in Camp Crame. The MILF member also submitted a sheet of bond paper with alleged fingerprints and bloodstains of Basit Usman.

In addition to the DNA test results, police investigators also obtained the sworn statements of two barangay officials in Guindulungan, Maguindanao who positively identified the cadaver of Ahmad Akmad Batabol Usman a.k.a Basit Usman.

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