PNP PRO ARMM Official Website - All Saints’ and All Souls Day 2014(NR 14-146)

All Saints’ and All Souls Day 2014(NR 14-146)

As a standard operating procedure, the entire PNP will be placed on full alert status in observance of All Saints’ and All Souls Day to provide maximum coverage and public safety services to include assistance along highways, cemeteries and other places of engagement.

The PNP will also establish Police Assistance Desks in public cemeteries and memorial gardens to assist the public on their concerns and to ensure the peaceful observance of the events.

The PNP reminds all commuters to travel early to avoid heavy traffic and to maintain their composure when travelling. Also, they are advised to ensure the security of their homes in order to avoid the occurrence of scrims such as robberies, theft, etc.

The PNP warns threat groups not to try to disrupt the peaceful observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls Day. Lawless elements must be wary of their actions because the PNP has reinvigorated and intensified its campaign against criminality.

The PNP will also coordinate with the Barangay Officials ti help the police in ensuring the security of the houses and establishment during the occasion.

Furthermore, the public’s cooperation is very vital in preventing crime in the community especially during these special events, Thus, the PNP encourages the public to be vigilant and to provide the police with relevant and timely information through social media (Twitter- @proarmm or Facebook page- Bantayan ang Pulis Pro Armm and PNP Pro Armm Bulletin).

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