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ARMM Policemen Warned(NR 13-138)

ARMM Policemen Warned

           The top brass of the Philippine National Police in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao reminded everyone that only policemen in uniform and who are on-duty are exempted from the gun ban. A policeman is on-duty if he or she is actually performing law enforcement work. This means that policemen who are on vacation or are under suspension are not authorized to carry firearms since they are not actually providing police service while on official leave or are serving administrative punishment.

           Policemen are likewise exempted from the gun ban as long they are in uniform and are travelling between their residence to and from their place of work. 

           In the ARMM, there are only three types of PNP prescribed uniforms that policemen can wear when carrying firearms. (Note: Please refer to the images provided by PRO ARMM regarding this matter.) Policemen wearing the PNP athletic attire are not allowed to carry firearms.


          For the moment, the wearing of the PNP patrol shirt is not allowed in the ARMM.

          The PRO ARMM leadership also stressed that the firearms policemen are allowed to carry are only those that are licensed or issued by the PNP to them. For a licensed firearm, a Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence (PTCFOR) is also necessary. Thus, a policeman even if he is on-duty and wearing the PNP prescribed uniform but the licensed firearm  he or she is carrying is not covered by a PTCFOR then he or she is still in violation on the COMELEC gun ban. For PNP issued firearms, a Letter Order (LO) is necessary when the uniformed PRO ARMM member goes out of his or her area of jurisdiction. This means that an ARMM cop needs to have an LO duly signed by the Regional Director if he or she intends to go outside the jurisdiction of PRO ARMM.

          PRO ARMM authorities are encouraging citizenry to report PNP uniformed personnel who insist in violating guidelines on the carrying of firearms during the election period.

          In this connection, PRO ARMM is providing the following hotlines to the public, to wit: 425-00-80 (landline); 0928-521-7845 and; 0905-352-4920 (Mobile Numbers)..




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