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PRO ARMM Health Service Personnel to Face Raps (NR13-135)

PRO ARMM Health Service Personnel  to Face Raps

          A personnel of the PNP’s Regional Health Service (RHS) in ARMM was arrested for allegedly trying to corrupt one of the doctors thereat. The arrest took place at about 6:00 PM on September 19, 2013. The suspect was identified as SPO4 Nestor Duhaylongsod. He is the chief clerk of said office.

          The suspect was caught red-handed while in the act of giving a PhP 80K bribe money to Police Senior Inspector Jimmy Allan Bernardo, MD the Chief of the Physical Examination Section of the RHS. The amount was in exchange for Dr. Bernardo passing a police applicant despite being earlier diagnosed positive for Hepatitis B, to pass the Medical Examination.

          At about 1:30 PM of September 20, 2013, cases for violation of Section 3 (a) Sub Paragraph 2 of Republic Act 3019 (Anti Graft and Corrupt Practices  Act) and Article 212 of the Revised Penal Code (Corruption of Public Official) were filed against the suspect. The complaints are docketed under NPS Numbers XIV-07-Inq-13T-00419 and XIV-07-Inq-13T-00420, respectively, before the Office of Provincial Prosecutor Rodolfo Yanson.

          Presently, PO1 applicants of PRO ARMM are undergoing physical, medical and dental examinations (PMDE), the second stage in the recruitment process of the Phase 1 Attrition and Regular Recruitment Quota for the 2nd Semester of 2013.  So far, only 30 out of the 205 applicants have passed the Neuro/Psychological examinations. The PRO was allowed to recruit 75 new PO1s for the current year.

          According to PRO ARMM officials, the arrest is part of its continuing efforts to rid itself of scalawags. Also, intelligence operatives/investigators are now trying to determine if other members of the RHS may be involved. This continuing investigation was in response to the unverified report that RHS personnel are rallying support for the suspect instead of congratulating Dr. Bernardo for a job well done.


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