PNP PRO ARMM Official Website - PRO ARMM Announces PO1 Recruitment Program (NR 13-124)

PRO ARMM Announces PO1 Recruitment Program (NR 13-124)

          Interested Applicants shall submit the following requirements: CSC form 212 (Revised 2005); Birth Certificate (authenticated by NSO); Eligibilities (authenticated by NAPOLCOM,PRC,CSC); Two (2) pieces 2x2 black and white picture indicating applicants name; One (1) piece half and whole body pictures; Transcript of Scholastic Records with Certification/Authentication/Verification (CAV) and Diploma, Clearances from the Barangay, Local Police Station, RTC/MTC and NBI; Medical Certificate issued by the Local Health Officer; Copy of two (2) valid IDs with picture, signature and addresses; Certificate of Good Moral Character  from the college/university where the applicant graduated.
            Applicants shall posses the following General Qualifications for Appointment: a) a Filipino citizen; b) with good moral character; c) physically and mentally fit; d) holder of a baccalaureate degree; e) eligible –CSC,PRC, & NAPOLCOM; f) between 21-30 years old; g)  height must be 157 cm (5”2 inches) for female and 162 cm (5”4 inches) for male; h) must passed the Body Mass Index (BMI)-a measure for human body shape based on an individual's weight and height and: h) must not have been convicted of any crime/ offense, discharged/dismissed from previous employment and no pending case in any court and nature.
           For more inquires and information regarding the PO1 Recruitment Program, applicants may visit the Office of the Recruitment and Selection (RSS), at the Regional Headquarters in Camp BGen Salipada K Pendatun, Parang Maguindanao or may visit the PRO’s official website for further updates.
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