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Gun Proficient Cops (NR 13-119)

          DELOS REYES noted that despite the firearms’ proficiency program of the PNP, there are still cases of improper handling of guns involving officers and men of this PRO, thus “ we will intensify the implementation of the mandatory crash training programs for uniformed personnel including gun-firing to improve the shooting capability of our men,” RD DELOS Reyes stressed.
          He also added that the gun proficiency program is particularly aimed at addressing cases of policemen who cannot hit the right target, both in practice and real-life situations apart from inculcating ‘gun discipline’ in the rank and file. ”As a matter of fact, we are on track in renovating our Firing Range where our cops can conveniently enhance their marksmanship and proficiency,” RD DELOS REYES added.
         DELOS REYES also added that this effort of making all uniformed personnel of this PRO a gun-proficient one is in adherence to the Chief PNP’s CODE-P focusing on excellence and competence for every police officer to be more responsible and proficient in using their firearms to further emphasized that the primordial duty of the police is to protect lives and properties.
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