PNP PRO ARMM Official Website - FINAL JUMP-Motorcycle Riding Course ''Kris'' Class 10-2017

FINAL JUMP-Motorcycle Riding Course ''Kris'' Class 10-2017

Motorcycle Riding Course ''Kris'' Class 10-2017 successfully conducted the course FINAL JUMP where participants bravely executed the heart pounding Final Jump execution using the 250CC KTM motorcycle over an 8 feet height extent of elevation, on April 24, 2017 at the open field front of PRO ARMMs Grandstand.
Furthermore, PCSUPT Reuben Theodore C Sindac, Regional Director PROARMM, graced the event his prescence and personally enjoyed the galvanic activity.
The region was suddenly filled with family and friends who came to witness and support their loved ones who are part of the MCRC, and the performance of the participants is more than what is expected giving the audience an entertainment worth watching.
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