PNP PRO ARMM Official Website - SULU FORCES HITS HIGH VALUE TARGETS: Seizes Huge Firearms Cache


Brgy. Capual, Omar, Sulu-- Joint personnel of Omar Municipal Police Station, Sulu PPO, 4th Scout Ranger Company, SR CL-199, conducted a Law Enforcement Operation through the Service of Warrant of Arrest & Anti-drugs Operations on March 29, 2017 at 5:30AM against Suadi Kahil Hamja, Adzmar Omar, Juli Sahirol, Ayyub Mangcabong, Nong Haliludin , and Ardin Akar Paling - all involved in cases of Murder, Arson, and Drug trade.
?A firefight ensued between the operating troops and the suspects during the conduct of the LEO. It resulted to the killing of Ardin Akar Paling, wounding of Nong Haliludin and arrest of seven more individuals. One civilian identified as Norherma Galamaddin was caught in the exchange of fire and was immediately brought to Luuk District hospital for treatment.
Confiscated in the operations were: Three sachets of Shabu; Eight (8) units M16; Two (2) M203 Grenade Launcher ; Seven (7) M14 rifles; Five (5) M1 Garand Rifles; One (1) Cal. 22; Three (3) Carbine rifles; Four (4) M653 Rifles; Two (2) M79 Grenade Launcher; One (1) AK 47; One (1) FN FAL; One (1) 50 cal. HMG; One (1) 60 mm mortar; Two (2) Binoculars ; Twenty-one (21) Bandoleers; several radios; magazine assembly of different firearms and numerous rounds of ammunition.
Arrested persons were brought to Sulu PPO for documentation and preparation in filing of appropriate charges against them.
The LEO is a strengthened operations of PROARMM for HVT revalidated and Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded. 
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