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CPNP 10-Point Action Plan

Police Director General Nicanor A Bartolome

Chief PNP, Police Director General NICANOR A BARTOLOME

*10 reasons not to fail our bosses*

Newly-designated 17th Chief of the Philippine National Police, Deputy Director General Nicanor A Bartolome wants to take police service to a higher level thru 10 doable objectives under a reform-oriented management agenda of the 140,000-strong national police force.

Presiding over his first Command Conference since his formal assumption to the top PNP post over the weekend, Bartolome sounded-off his 10-point action plan to members of the PNP Command Group, Directorial Staff, Regional Directors and Directors of National Support Units.

Outlined from his powerful Assumption Address “Serbisyong May Pagkukusa”, Bartolome listed 10 administrative and operational priorities setting into motion his desired brand of proper public service in the PNP. These are:

1)  Sustaining the Integrated Transformation Program and Performance Governance System (ITP-PGS) set targets that measure reform programs through a roadmap and a score card.

2) Periodic Performance Audit. To determine who are at par with the job and who fall short of the expected work results as determined thru a performance governance scorecard in all levels of command.

3) Enhancement and Specialization of Skills. Development of competencies, enhancement of individual skills and specialization with premium on investigation, resource management and disaster response skills.

4) One Police Per Barangay Supervisor. Deployment of one policeman in every barangay who will act as conduit between the community and his Unit for effective execution of barangay-based public safety services.

5) Promotion of Rights-Based Policing. Full development of human rights Help Desks in all Police Stations and strict adherence to the basic tenets of human rights with emphasis on the Police Operational Procedures to plug loopholes.

6)  Accounting of Wanted Persons and Service of Warrants.

7) Enhancement of Procurement, Financial and Logistics Management Systems. Strengthening of Operations, Plan and Budget Committee (OPBC) and Operations Performance Index Framework (OPIF) to ensure utmost transparency and accountability in all transactions.

8) Continuous Build-up of Police Equippage. To maximize utilization of resources with the initial goal of filling-up the minimum requirement of one short firearm per policeman.

9) Strengthening the Reward and Disciplinary System.  Discipline will remain a central focus of my leadership. We will be quick in giving rewards to deserving personnel and acknowledge their good deeds, but we will also be swift and decisive in punishing the misfits and the undisciplined.

10) Enhancement of Morale and Welfare Projects. With government taking care of our personnel by way of equipage, training, shelter, salary increase and other benefits, I expect our personnel to perform their best. By doing so, we shall win the community over to our side.

Bartolome has assigned each of these 10 action priorities to the concerned Directorial Staff with newly-designated Chief of Directorial Staff, Police Director Arturo G Cacdac Jr, supervising implementation of these programs by the concerned Directorial Staff Offices.

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